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Customer Satisfaction Survey


How would you rate the way that you were treated
Did well did we work as a team to best satisfy you
Helping you find the right RV for your needs
Handling your purchase in a professional and timely manner
Did you


Were all your questions answered at the time of delivery?
Was the delivery of your RV a pleasant experience?
Was it delivered with all the features promised?
Were all operating controls explained to you?
Were the terms of the warranty explained to you?
Was the Owner's Manual explained to you?


With Your salesperson
With Your Finance person
The way your RV was delivered to you
Your overall purchase experience
The RV that you purchased
Fun Town RV Dealership as a whole
In additional to your sales or financing person, did you talk to a sales manager or other dealership personnel?
How satisfied were you with their performance?
Overall, how pleased were you with the way we worked with you to determine the final price for your RV?
Were there any problems with your RV or the way that you were treated?
If so, did you contact Fun Town RV to try to resolve these?
Has the problem been resolved?
Based on your overall experience, how likely would you be to purchase another RV from Fun Town RV?
What was the single most important reason for initially shopping at Fun Town RV?
Would you recommend Fun Town TV to friends and family?

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Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your honest opinion and will take your input into consideration. If you have any comments or concerns about this survey, please contact:

Skylar Haggard
Business Development Director
Phone: 817-645-8100